About Gumbyman

Born and raised in the flatlands of Florida, Lynn Wayman grew up canoeing and camping with his family. At the age of 17, he escaped Florida when he entered the US Navy, where he spent 20 years getting to see the world. After retirement, he decided it was time to see his own country. “Cars are great, but you go by stuff too fast”, he says. In 2013 he was inspired by a handful of books that he picked up while taking his son to Shenandoah on a camping trip. Since then he has read blogs, books, and manufacturer’s claims, and field tested a vast array of hiking gear all over the backcountry of the mid-Atlantic. The name Gumbyman obviously pays homage to Art Clokey’s creation, “Gumby”, but there is more to the story for him. The name was taken from his old military call-sign, “Semper Gumby – Always Flexible.” Gumbyman believes that the most important traits of an outdoorsman are patience, perseverance, and flexibility.


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